Age of Empires (Engels)

Chinese civilisation is one of the oldest continuous civilisations in the world. Written records exist as early as 3500 years ago, while evidence of human populations around the Yellow River go back at least 100,000 years.

China brought forth fascinating inventions and discoveries which changed the world: gunpowder, paper, the compass and silk, just to name a few.
But behind these exciting moments in history are the battles and internal strive of ambitious emperors and their dynasties. China’s history is marked with ruthless families who waged terrible battles for generations and the powerful emperors who ushered in golden ages where art, trade and science flourished better than anywhere else in the world.

We cannot be but impressed by the ambitious imperial dynasties who carried Chinese culture through those ages of peace and turmoil. To get a better idea about China’s enormous history we will tell the story of China through its many imperial dynasties, its wars, and the happenings in the rest of the world when the Chinese lived, fought and died for their Kingdom Under Heaven. maakt gebruik van cookies om de bezoekervaringen van bezoekers te verbeteren. We houden geen persoonlijke gegevens bij of delen onze informatie niet met andere services. Door verder te gaan met uw navigatie, accepteert u dit gebruik.

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