The Silk Road Collection

Your source for timeless beauty

Your source to Asia

Timeless elegance and beautiful imperfection:
beautiful hard to get finds from the East.

Whether you are searching for an antique/eye-catching piece for your client or a limited series of products that radiate wabi-sabi, The Silk Road Collection can help you and your business!

What we offer

The Silk Road Collection for


Our unique finds often catch the eye of private buyers and collectors!

Especially for collectors we have developed a webshop with unique offerings!

The Silk Road Collection for


Find those eye catching pieces that complete your creative vision and projects.

Our online catalog is full of unique pieces that will inspire.

The Silk Road Collection for


Stand out by offering limited series of unique decorations, pots, lamps and furniture!

Our sourcing network and warehouse in Asia offer us many opportunities. Let us support you in your search!


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