The Silk Road Collection is fuelled by a team with true passion for unique interior decoration and the timeless charms from Asian cultures and traditions. 

Over time, our collection is selected and bought on the following 2 principles:

“Nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.”

Wabi-sabi is a Japanese aesthetic that encompasses the beauty of imperfection.

Our collection is based on objects which all carry imperfections: weathered surfaces, traces of paint, smoothed edges through repeated usage, uneven patinas, handmade objects,… And all these time-made imperfections add to the charm, serenity and beauty of all our objects.

a small vase with little flower on an old wooden table two old imperfect pots on an old weathered table

“Juxtaposition a.k.a. a contrasting effect through placement close together”

The beautiful patina of an antique Asian cabinet is eye-catching when placed in a modern environment. A weathered object adds charm to a minimalistic interior. 

We love to present our objects in contrasting selections or environments so their imperfect qualities are amplified and even more beautiful. We combine old with new, soberness with colour, details with simplicity, and East with West.

Our aim is to continually inspire interior designers with our collection, whether it is for New Asian, Modern, Eclectic or Country interiors.

Photos of Oberoi Beach Resort Al Zorah

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