The Silk Road Collection is fuelled by a team with passion for unique interior decoration, finding curious objets d’art and integrating the colourful past into our daily lives. When sourcing for objects, creating settings or when we are collaborating with clients; we follow this philosophy:

Inspiring Contemporary Living by the beauty of imperfection & Asian Timelessness


Inspiring Contemporary Living

We aim to inspire all our clients, designers, interior architects and design & decoration businesses, with the unique articles we find on our sourcing trips. This beauty, augmented with the stories of the previous lives and traditions of many objects, is the source of any unique interior! These objects have a story to tell and demand a place in contemporary interiors.


Beauty of Imperfection

“Nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.” - Japanese Wabi Sabi aesthetic

Many of our objects bear the marks of time, but their attractiveness seems to grow with any additional imperfection. weathered surfaces, traces of paint, smoothed edges through repeated usage, uneven patinas, handmade objects,… And all these time-made imperfections add to the overall charm of an object. We focus our sourcing on objects with the inherent beauty of imperfection while not compromising on quality!


a small vase with little flower on an old wooden table two old imperfect pots on an old weathered table

Beauty of Asian Timelessness

Asia is a source of countless rich cultures and traditions that inspire us today! 

The beautiful patina of an antique Asian cabinet is eye-catching nowadays. A pot designed two thousand years ago can look perfect in a modern interior. A weathered object adds charm to a minimalistic interior. The juxtaposition of antique elegance with contemporary design gives a unique charm. We combine old with new, soberness with colour, details with simplicity, and East with West.

Our aim is to be a resource of inspiration and curiosity for designers, artists and architects with our collection! Experience the beauty of imperfection & Asian timelessness online or in our showroom/warehouse!


Photos of Oberoi Beach Resort Al Zorah

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