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They are … Unique & Authentic

Old furniture and decorative objects are marked by their use or daily handling which gives them a distinctive charm. They, in turn, spread that charm to any interior in which they are placed. At least twice a year we have large sourcing trips to Asia were we take to time and effort to find these treasures! We select object and furniture on their unique appearance, but also for their authenticity and quality!

They are … Antique

Most objects and furniture in our collection are antique, which means they already existed during the tumultuous last years of the Chinese Qing dynasty! We select these antiques for their great quality, attractive beauty and, of course, elegant design. We find out the story behind each antique object and we love to share this wealth of knowledge with our clients and their clients.

Sometimes we uncover remarkable treasures during our searches. The value of these antiques lies in their uniqueness and amazing craftsmanship, but mostly in their truly timeless charm and beautiful integration with contemporary interiors!

They are … New & Handmade

Not many objects in our collection are newly made, but our handmade lampshades are the exception that add a luxurious and modern touch to our table lamps! All our lampshades are made of high quality European textiles, such as linen, chintz and velvet, and are all made by hand near our warehouse in Belgium. This way we can offer our clients a great value for affordable prices. We always have a basic collection of shades in stock, but we offer a large choice of sizes and colours that can be ordered.

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