Elegant dark lacquered altar table

L: 206 W: 54 H: 88
Elm wood
Shandong province, China

Elegant and classic dark lacquered altar table. The colour is a dark brown/black with some distinct reddish hues. This antique console has spandrels in a cloud-like design.
Can also be used as a desk.

Altar tables can be recognised by their ‘wings’ (carved pieces of wood at each end of the top), which signifies their religious and spiritual use. They were large; often over two metres in length. The altar table would be centrally placed in the formal central hall of a house, usually against the rear wall. These tables would display the tablets and incense used in ancestor worship, but would also show off prized possessions or heirlooms. Antique altar tables were made without the use of iron nails. The spandrels at the top of the legs would usually be carved in a ‘cloud’ design.

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