• Au-delà de Wabi Sabi

    La philosophie de Wabi-Sabi est devenue un élément incontournable de la décoration intérieure contemporaine. La beauté de la nature et des traces laissées par le temps a fait son entrée dans nos intérieurs et continue de nous séduire. Chez The Silk Road Collection, nous avons poussé le concept du wabi sabi un peu plus loin. Au-delà des valeurs esthétiques de la beauté de l'imperfection, notre approche (...)

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  • Maison et Objet January 2019

    Understated elegance and beautiful imperfection, those are the words that best describe The Silk Road Collection. We are known worldwide for the subtle elegance that our collection of decorations, pottery and objets d'art adds to modern interiors and exteriors. For over fifteen years, we have been travelling around Asia, looking for new inspirations in old traditions and those decorative objects which give interiors a certain je-ne-sais-quoi.We often letourselves be inspired by traditions of (...)

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  • Age of Empires (Anglais)

    Chinese civilisation is one of the oldest continuous civilisations in the world. Written records exist as early as 3500 years ago, while evidence of human populations around the Yellow River go back at least 100,000 years. China brought forth fascinating inventions and discoveries which changed the world: gunpowder, paper, the compass and silk, just to name a few. But behind these exciting moments in history are the battles and internal strive of ambitious emperors and their dynasties. (...)

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  • The Silk Road Collection in Knack magazine

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  • Des pots, des pots et encore des pots

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  • Thaï Poterie

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  • Tendance de décoration intérieure - Pierre Naturelle

    Tendance de décoration intérieure - Pierre Naturelle

    Le mois dernier nous avons visité le salon déco Ambiente à Francfort où nous avons retrouvé le même esprit qu’à Maison&Objet. L’une des tendances que nous avons beaucoup aimées : l’utilisation diverse et variée de pierre naturelle dans l’aménagement intérieur contemporain. La pierre naturelle fait son entrée dans la maison et ne se contente plus de rester dans les jardins et les (...)

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  • Intirio 2016

    Intirio 2016

    We do not have to travel far and abroad to see interesting things. This past week in Ghent, we have visited the interior design exhibition Intirio to check out the new Spring and Summer interior design trends. Especially the newest fabrics, wall decorations and curtains are well represented here. Of course, we cannot compare this small and cozy exhibition with giants like Maison&Objet in Paris or Ambiente in Frankfurt, but here we can find some interior trends for the Belgian market! (...)

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  • Focus on chairs & stools

    Focus on chairs & stools

    Antique Chinese chairs are surprisingly at home in modern Western interiors. Thanks to its slender and elegant style they form a graceful addition to any interior style. Especially the “yoke back” chair and the “horse shoe” chair make a great match with contemporary interiors. And last but certainly not least, they bring a piece of history into the home.  The style of the "yoke back" chairs – so called mostly in the West because of (...)

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  • Focus on antique wooden statues

    Focus on antique wooden statues

    For thousands of years, statues of all sorts of gods, deities and ancestors were made to honor and worship them and to implore favors and protection for the tribe, family or home. There are few things which tell us as much about ancient cultures than the beliefs and ideals that were worshiped. The antique wooden statues of The Silk Road Collection have a unique style and appeal, along with the cultural value, which is not to be underestimated. Each statue has a story of its own. They all (...)

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