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Antique Asian Furniture at The Silk Road Collection

Oriental style furniture is often synonymous with traditional Chinese antique furniture. Most of the furniture pieces in our collection come from China. Its minimalist shapes, elaborate construction, application of lacquer and multifunctional design make Chinese antique furniture ideal to use and position in modern interiors.

Why choose Chinese and Asian furniture at The Silk Road Collection?

Our oriental furniture represents the understated elegance, simplicity and timelessness found in Asia. These timeless furniture pieces of The Silk Road Collection simply breathe this elegance and luxury! The high quality of the antique furniture ensures a lifetime of eyecatching beauty in any modern, stylish or trendy interior! As a wholesale supplier we focus on high quality of product and high quality of service!

Timeless quality

The high quality of Chinese furniture is very distinct and different from the kind of pieces that we may be used to in the US, UK and Europe. Antique Chinese furniture was not contructed with glue or iron nails, but with interlocking wooden joints. The reason Chinese furniture pieces are of excellent quality and so durable is because the construction methods and the materials used were sturdy and flexible enough to withstand the fluctuations of temperature and humidity so common in China.

The wholesale specialist in Asian furniture, decorations, pots and lamps!

For decades, The Silk Road Collection has been importing unique finds from China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal and more! Our large and unique collection makes us one of the best wholesalers for Asian and rustic style homedecor and furniture. Combine this with our extensive online catalog and our excellent customer service and you are guaranteed an excellent lifetime supplier!

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