Ceramic lamps & unique lighting

Unique & ceramic table lamps and handmade lamp shades

Made from unique pots taken from our own pottery collection, or made from antique decorations or tools; these table lamps give any interior a unique character! Pair them with our handmade lamp shades for the finishing touch.

What makes our ceramic pottery & antique ornaments lamps unique?

We make original and unique lamps from old and antique pots, but also from other materials, such as wooden architectural ornaments and ancient bricks. The sober look of old matte grey pots, the splendour of a glazed pot, but also the texture and shape of brick and wood carvings, give a unique character to our lamps. And, of course, our handmade lamp shades complete the picture. Neutral-earthy tones for simplicity and elegance, bright colours for the bold and luxurious touch.

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How do we handcraft our ceramic table lamps?

Did you know that all of our pots can be transformed in our workshop into amazing table lamps and floor lamps? Even small vases and 2000-year old pots. Because our pots are all unique, they make truly bespoke table lamps!

But we also transform our Asian decorations and ornaments into unique lamps. We can take an iron candle holder, old mill stone or even an ancient brick, and create a very modern looking and stylish lamp with matching shade and metal or wooden base.

We handle every unique object with the utmost care and respect for their original design, in order to create new objects of art.

Our amazing staff at the workshop are true professionals who care about product quality, but also take great care in checking the final product and its packaging before shipment to our clients.

How to use ceramic table lamps in different interior styles

No matter the interior style, ceramic table lamps can match any interior. In traditional or classic interiors we often find beautiful blue and white porcelain based table lamps. Antique or antiquated Chinese ginger jars mounted as lamp remain popular as well. We like to pair these classic table lamps with simple velvet lamp shades to give them an updated, modern look.

To evoke a reflective wabi-sabi mood in an interior, a pottery lamp can work wonders. Lots of lighting is integral in a wabi-sabi styled interior. We strive to create an ambiance of serenity through uniqueness and imperfect beauty in table lamps. An ancient pot, weathered, broken and repaired, can become the perfect base for a wabi-sabi lamp. Paired with a transparent, neutrally coloured lamp shade or a modern, colourful lamp shade to create juxtaposition, the pot will become a truly unique looking table lamp!

When paired with a colourful lamp shade, a ceramic based lamp can add lots of personality to a contemporary space. An antique pot with a very modern shape or colour can create a nice contrast in the room and add a bit of history to a space.

And, of course, pottery lamps are essential in rustic interiors. An unglazed and rough looking pot or vase is a great base for a rustic styled table lamp. Combined with a Belgian linen lamp shade in neutral colours, a simple pottery lamp is the perfect finishing touch for a rustic room.

Giving a table lamp a modern and luxurious feel with handmade lamp shades

Table lamps are one of the most visible interior design choices as they light up tables, cabinets, bedsides, desks and other pieces of furniture. We see them as statement pieces that enhance the styling of the space. That is why we pay attention to quality of the chosen complimentary lamp shade.
Most antique lamps or lamps with antique bases come with very classic or turn-of-the-century lamp shades. While often luxurious, these lamps can quickly look old fashioned and stuffy.
For our exclusive table lamps we offer very modern looking straight or oval lamps shades. The antique base is made of weathered wood or stone that carries the beauty of the entire lamp. We feel that a simple, high quality lamp shade should compliment this beauty.

Our lamp shades fall broadly in two style categories: neutral coloured shades and modern style shades.
The neutral coloured shades with a simple drum shape or tapered shape that look great in rustic or wabi-sabi styled interiors. These shades offer an understated elegance through its simple design and high quality material.
Our modern lamp shades differentiate themselves through their bright colours or straight and rectangular shaped design. They offer a great contrast with antique based and heavily weathered lamps to achieve a highly luxurious look.

No matter the style, all our lamp shades have high quality material and design in common.

Our table lamps in projects

Because we have such a great variety and range of pottery and decorations, we can fulfil many needs for eye-catching accent lamps.

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