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Discover our outstanding collection of bespoke Asian pottery:
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We are widely known for our Asian pots and ceramics collection. We offer a great range of antique and authentic pots in many different sizes and colours. Looking for an extra large Chinese wine jar, antique flower pots or decorative ceramics? You’ll find them here!

How do we select our unique Asian pottery?

The Silk Road Collection is driven by a small and very dedicated team. We travel personally to big cities and the countryside in Asia, where we like to roam about and discover exciting old and new pots. We are deeply passionate about the originality and sophistication of pottery design found in Asian countries as China, Tibet, Mongolia, Indonesia, Japan and other places.

All our Asian pottery is carefully selected for its unique decorative value and top quality material. Old pots available in larger quantities may look similar but are never identical.

Often we are guided in our sourcing trips by the Wabi-Sabi approach: the Japanese philosophy of flawed beauty. Our most beautiful Asian pottery bear visible, but beautiful imperfections: a weathered surface, faded painted decorations, carefully repaired cracks, unique patinas or crackled glaze. It is this imperfect beauty that catches our eye and distinguishes our pottery collection. Wear and tear is imprinted by time on the surface of our antique Asian pottery. Unique patinas and marks of repair are all part of the life story of each pot. These unique marks cannot be reproduced in a newly made object!

This flawed beauty tells the story of our antique Asian pots and will enliven any interior with their unique character.

Check out this blog post for a quick preview of our extensive pottery collection & even more inspiration!

You can find in our unique Asian pottery collection pots suitable for interior decoration as well as garden pots & planters. All our pots and vases can be transformed by our workshop into floor and table lamps with complementing lamp shades!

How to integrate bespoke Asian ceramics in your interior?

While ceramics are incredible versatile design elements, antique Asian ceramics carry with them breathtaking, timeless beauty. Many a contemporary room or modern home can be easily enhanced by antique Asian pottery. These pots can be used as purely decorative objects, functional flower pots or even collector’s items!

Within our pottery collection we focus on the Wabi Sabi aesthetic of rustic and refined beauty. It is the simplicity of the pot that attracts us. Often, there are no extra frills or decorations needed. Most pots were not made for any special purpose than to serve a simple household function. Our antique and old rustic ceramics were handmade and are thus covered in blemishes and uneven textures. Flaws and cracks were smoothed out over time and use.

The pots of The Silk Road Collection are therefore perfectly suitable for a Wabi-Sabi styled interior or garden where simple beauty is celebrated. For example, our turquoise pots add a special touch to a wabi-sabi interior style by its unique patina, but also to any modern or contemporary interior thanks to its timeless shapes and bold colours.

Our collection of 2000-year old Han pots and vases offers elegant and refined art objects for collectors and designers. Many of our client-collectors place them in a prominent place of their home, but a designer might be daring and request to make a unique table lamp out of a one-of-the-kind pot!

We love to see our pots bring glamour to a room when used as flower vases. Decorative indoor flowerpots can add a beautiful accent in any kind of interior. Do not hesitate to use a glazed antique pot as a vase. Read our blog post for tips on how to take care of antique pots and planters.

Antique Asian pottery in outdoor & garden projects

Our planters and garden pots are beautiful eye-catchers in any garden or patio. Whether a project needs functional planters or eye-catching pots, the great variety of pots in our collection will certainly inspire you!

Many of our glazed and antique pots can be placed outside or even used as planters. If you hesitate to use an antique pot as a planter, we can offer some great tips & advice on how to care and prepare antique pots for the elements.

For true eye-catchers, we have many extra-large pots that make great statement decorations in any garden or outdoor space.

Stylish lighting for contemporary interiors:

Asian pots transformed into unique table lamps

Did you know that all of our pots can be transformed in our workshop into amazing table lamps and floor lamps? One of our most popular products are rustic pottery table lamps and antique ceramic lamps paired with high quality, handmade lamp shades. Because all our pots are unique, these pottery lamps will always have a unique appearance as well!

Design projects and shops featuring The Silk Road Collection’s pots:

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