Unique Asian interior decorations

Discover the great variety of antique and bespoke Asian interior decorations in our collection

Within our collection we have many wonderful and unique interior decorations from all over Asia: From weathered wooden tools to antique panels to minimalist sculptures: you’ll find them all here!

Modern Asian Interior Design

Asian interior designs range from the eclectic Indian arts to classical Chinese designs. Asian interior decorations have timeless quality and are considered to be the finest in the world. Antique Asian decorations are often used in rustic, wabi-sabi and luxurious interior styles!

We do not attempt to recreate rooms from the past, but we try to present antiques in a new and exciting way to create contemporary interiors that are enriched by history.

Decorative accessories with a sense of Timelessness

Sometimes age gives the object a patina and shine that cannot be recreated by something new. Sometimes an object has a quirkiness and character that feels just right. We apply the philosophy of wabi-sabi, of beautiful imperfections to all our decorations. We try to find objects made from natural materials, with very simple designs that evoke a feeling of timelessness and serenity.

Sometimes timelessness can be found in the shape of an object. Many of our newly made decorative objects have a shape that has been carried through the ages. For example, just check out the background and history of the Bi-Disc!

Many antique decorations and decorative accessories we have found have a long and rich history in their country of origin. Whether it is an interesting colour, shape or specific object, we always try to find out everything about it, because we believe the story and history of objects carry value for our clients!

How we source unique Asian interior decorations for projects

We find the most unique pieces during our trips to Asia: China, Nepal, Indonesia, Japan,…you name it! Through our office in China, we help our clients with product-sourcing through our trusted network of suppliers and contacts throughout Asia. Contact us to find out how we can provide assistance to your projects or your company.

We pay great personal attention to every unique piece with which our designer clients can craft a creative, original and referential space.

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