Extra large pots

Transforming a garden or outdoor space will be easy with large statement-making pots and extra large planters. Even small outdoor spaces can look great with big pots. This makes our extra large pottery ideally suited to large landscaping projects which are looking for unique eye-catchers and those one-of-a-kind landscape accessories.
Our extra large garden pots are antique or newly made, but are always of high quality. This means they are suitable for many different kinds of environment and weather.
Our antique garden planters and outdoor pots are also perfect for areas unsuitable for planting, such as concrete patios, balconies and driveways.

Extra large Antique pots

Our collection of extra large, antique pots offers pots with a long history of usage for food and drink. Many rural family homes in China and other Asian countries would have a very big pot standing outside or in the kitchen where water would be collected or where prepared food would ferment or pickle for a season. These pots are glazed, often on the inside as well as the outside, which makes them suitable for all kinds of weather.

Extra large antiquated pots

Many of our newly made and oversized pots are completely hand moulded and fired in traditional fire kilns. These pots go through a particularly lengthy production and slow, natural drying period to reduce the risk of damage that can occur in a forced drying process. It can take up to six months (!) to create just one of these stunning planters. If you like to know more about that process, you can read our blog post about traditional kilns here. The moulding and application of the glazing by hand give the pots variations in shape and colour that add to their individuality. Even the placement in the kiln and the heat of the fire play a big part in the definite colouring of the pot!
If you are just searching for the antiquated look, this collection of decorative pottery is interesting for you!

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