Rustic style pots

Our collection of rustic pottery is inspired by the organic shapes, natural textures and earthy tones found in the Japanese wabi-sabi style. Our unglazed grey pots have a weathered texture that brings a timeless look to simple pottery. The rough and weathered look can create a nice contrast in modern interior styles, but the rustic pots feel also at home in more traditional settings.
Many of these old pots in the collection were once used in Chinese households on the countryside for simple functions such as water container or food storage. The wear and tear is visible on the uneven surfaces and it is not uncommon to find pots with visible repairs. To create a timeless atmosphere, simple still does the job!
We have many types of matte clay pots without coloured glazing in stock.

Rustic pots in the garden

Matte grey pots make excellent planters and flower pots: the living green creates a nice contrast with the old weathered surfaces. the textured surfaces make perfect settings for the plants, adding to their beauty. These rustic pots are not glazed and you should therefore use a saucer or pot feet to protect the surface underneath.

Rustic pottery – ideal decoration objects for the Belgian Rustic interior style

A rustic interior style has many elements that strive to create a comfortable interior that exudes an informal elegance. It uses warm natural colours and shades, rough surfaces and textiles with simple patterns, unworked stone and wood and many elements of nature. The Belgian rustic style is more polished and masculine than a Shabby Chic rustic style or Scandinavian style and is all about restrained elegance. Matte clay pots are ideal decorative items in a Belgian interior style! They give a decorative accent to a room on their own, but can also make a Rustic interior come alive when used as a planter for small plants and succulents.

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