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Sober and weathered pots, Shanxi, 1900-1950


Old pots fascinate. The weathered patina and often sober appearance are an asset to any home or garden. Our procurement in Asia is accompanied by a search for jars that in the old days have served in kitchens or gardens: preserving jar, stock pot, rice or meal barrel, water pot, rice wine storage… Some pots are of simple style and were only used as a storage jar, others were glazed and served more as a weck- or storage pot for liquid food, water or rice wine. 

Many of these pots are selected especially for their imperfections, a Japanese appreciation of beauty called Wabi-Sabi. Wear and tear are imprinted by time in the surface of antique pottery. Unique patinas and marks of repair are all part of the life of each pot. These unique marks cannot be reproduced in a newly made object. These beautiful imperfections will give any interior a touch of unique beauty, natural serenity and the elegance of age.

As much as possible we try to found out where the pot came from, how old it is and what it was used for. Thus each pot has its own story.



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