Outdoor & antique garden pots

Our antique garden pottery is mainly a collection of pots and vases that were once used as wine jars or water containers. Even though the pots are old or antique, a bit of rain won’t hurt them! They can range from small, single portion wine jars to very heavy, extra-large water containers that could serve an entire household. These pots can be placed as decorations in the garden, hold plants or small trees or can even be transformed into fountains!
These antique garden pots are selected by us personally for their good quality and unique look. Often they are partially or completely glazed which makes them suitable for outdoor use. Antique pots make unique planters with a fascinating background story!

Antique planters

Our antique pots and planters are works of art on their own, but many can still be used as functional flower pots or planters. The extra-large antique pots attract attention in spacious gardens, hotels and offices. They are one-of-a-kind pots with weathered surfaces and patinas that make them attractive, with or without plants! The contrast between living green and old, weathered pots give a unique character to an interior which newly made pots cannot imitate!

Antiquated planters and flower pots

We also offer newly made extra-large ceramics to be used outside or as planters. These are carefully selected for their high-quality clay and an attractive antiquated appearance created by traditional firing methods or hand applied glazing. This makes every pot unique in look. Some pots are similar in shape, but will never be identical. If you want to know more about traditional pottery manufacturing in Asia, you can read our blog post about our visit to a Thai kiln here.

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