News: New Collection at M&O January 2019

Understated elegance and beautiful imperfection, those are the words that best describe The Silk Road Collection. We are known worldwide for the subtle elegance that our collection of decorations, pottery and objets d’art adds to modern interiors and exteriors. For over fifteen years, we have been travelling around Asia, looking for new inspirations in old traditions and those decorative objects which give interiors a certain je-ne-sais-quoi.

We often letourselves be inspired by traditions of Eastern cultures, but also by modern design, architecture and display. We know the power of our collection lies in  the striking combinations of antique objects and modern design.

During Maison et Objet 2019 we will present our newest collection of antique pottery and decorations from China and Japan, and our new ‘Bashō collection’ of pillows designed with vintage Shanghai textiles. Both old objects and new design are both inspired by the ancient Japanese philosophy of ‘wabi-sabi’ which defines beauty by the imperfections found in nature, during life and through time. A weathered edge, a small repair, a broken piece; all these imperfections only add to the beauty and charm of an object. At The Silk Road Collection we continue with the philosophy that our collection of unique objects should give life to any interior!

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