Throw pillow 50×50: MOONLIGHT

L: 50 W: 50 H:
Cotton, hemp
Shanghai, China
New design, textiles 1950’s

Decorative throw pillow from our own Bashō collection!

Front made with vintage Shanghai textiles of three different patterns. Because every piece of textile is unique, the pillows are all unique or come in a very limited quantity. Please ask for our current stock.

The textile comes from our collection of hand woven textiles from the Chongming Islands near Shanghai at the mouth of the Yangtze river. In the past it was the custom on these islands to present newlyweds with handmade fabric in honour of their weddings. Much of this fabric was never used instead it was stored and treasured by the couple. This fabric has a beautiful texture due to the hand spun threads.

The back is made of new blue cotton.
Filling excluded

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