Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp***** superior

Antwerp, Belgium

We are happy to share some photos with you from a fantastic project from last year: a centuries-old monastery in the heart of Antwerp transformed into a luxury hotel! The interior architect thought our decorations fit very well within the luxury look she was going for. We love to see antique and vintage Asian decorations and objects integrated within a luxurious, Belgian Style interior design! Our definition of Belgian Style is lots of wood, neutral colours and lots of texture, so we are not surprised to see how well our old rustic pots, pot lamps, earthenware decorations and Asian furniture fit within this style!

About the Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp: The mission for Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp is to create a place that inspires feelings of freedom and luxury born of nature, space and true privacy. This exceptional hideaway aims to set new standards in ambience, sustainable design and innovation, putting Antwerp on the map as a destination for connoisseurs and foodies, business travellers, design devotees, spa aficionados and affluent shoppers. The Botanic will be Antwerp’s first 5-star superior hotel, as well as the city’s first member of Leading Hotels of the World. The 109 rooms and suites being carved out of a 15th-century monastery are spread across five historic buildings: Klooster, Pastorie, Sint-Joris, Sint-Elisabeth and the ancient Marnix Huis. Imbued with a laid-back spirit, it’s a destination with star-gazing gastronomy, world-renowned chefs, honest Belgian cuisine, a ground-breaking spa, conference hub, wedding venue, hotspot for celebrations and the ultimate in deluxe hospitality – but most of all: it’s the Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp.

Photo credit: Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp

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