Pair of Han Dynasty Stick Men

L: W: H: 60
Xi'An, Shanxi province, China
Han dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD)

Certified pair of Stick Men Statues with red pigment from the Han Dynasty (206 B.C.–220 A.D).

Certified Original
This pair is part of our small, exclusive collection of Han Dynasty Stick Men (available as a pair or standalone). Due to their historical and cultural value, authentic Han Dynasty Stick Men are not easily available. Their scarcity contributes to their preciousness among collectors and enthusiasts. All the Han Dynasty Stick Men in our collection come with TL certification and solid iron stand (included in price).

Weathered and Detailed
Although they once had wooden arms and fabric clothing, these features have eroded and disappeared over time. The original red, white and black pigment was applied after the baking process and is still visible in detail 2000 years later. Circular holes on each shoulder remain, indicating their original purpose of holding a wooden pin for (probably) wooden or silk arms. What is striking in these stick men are their faces – a great amount of time and effort has gone into their facial details, giving them remarkable individuality.

Han Dynasty Stick Men serve as representations of servants and warriors, symbolising the beliefs and customs surrounding the afterlife in ancient Chinese culture. These kind of statues were mostly found as afterlife offerings in the tombs of the Western Han Dynasty Emperor Jing Di and Empress Wang. Mostly between 55 and 63 cm in height, all statues bear intricate facial features and have been tested for authenticity, each accompanied by a TL laser certificate confirming their origin from the Han Dynasty.

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