Pair of Dark Red Han dynasty Stick Men

L: W: H: 60
Xi'An, Shanxi province, China
Han dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD)

PAIR of Han dynasty pottery naked stick-figures of a male and female. These unclothed ceramic servants are armless. They once had wooden arms and fabric clothing, however these have eroded and disappeared over time. On each shoulder a circular hole remains that would have held a wooden pin for (probably) wooden or silk arms.
What is striking in these stickmen are their faces. Although the bodies had been mass produced, a great amount of time and effort had gone into the production of the heads, giving them amazing individuality. Great attention had been paid to their faces, their hairstyles and sexual organs.

The price includes TL certificate with nr 04B131016(male) and 02B131016(female).
Price includes custom-made (for each statue separately), solid iron stands.

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